October 17, 2010

Understanding Politics: Some Great Book Resources

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In the ongoing quest to fulfill the “information is power” idiom, following are some resources that might be worth checking out. Understanding American Politics and Government (John J. Coleman, Kenneth M. Goldstein, and William G. Howell) is written in a clear style and brims with rich, real-world examples to help readers develop the necessary skills to see through the media sound bites and truly gain a grasp on what is being said. Readers have commented that the book is standard in its organization but has interesting twists to promote thought and discussion.Understanding American Politics (Stephen Brooks) offers up-to-date processes of American politics (including the 1008 election) to help readers consider how the rest of the world may see the American political system. Some reviews indicate the book should be “required reading” for anyone wanting to better understand American politics.Understanding America: The Anatomy of an Exceptional Nation (Peter H. Schuck and James Q. Wilson) is an authoritative up-to-date portrait of the vast, complex current state of America’s institutions, values, and future challenges items like immigration, religion, and the economy. Readers consider it an “insightful” and “well thought out” work.Stay tuned to this site for further resources and ideas to get you going in the direction of full discovery.