August 26, 2011

Are Our President’s Picked By Secret Clubs?

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Many people have become disillusioned with the political process because they think that voting does not really matter anymore. To some people, it seems as though our presidents are picked by secret clubs. This theory may be true because it seems like all of our presidents are very similar.

The word bipartisanship is something that all presidential candidates talk about during the primary season but they never do reach across the aisle to get anything accomplished.

No one will ever see a middle class person who makes 40,000 a year and is a math teacher becoming president.I found some more information here. Most of the presidents that we have had seem cherry picked by their political party. For example, George W. Bush was the son of a president and went to an Ivy League school where he got mostly B’s and C’s. He was not extremely intelligent and his business background left a lot to be desired but he was chosen over John McCain.

Many believed that McCain was a much better candidate than Bush but the driving force was that Bush had political connections through his father who was also president. Dick Cheney who was elected President had been involved with George H.W. Bush’s presidency so this also helped the party rally around George W. Bush as their candidate.

A majority of Americans thought that Al Gore would have been president in 2000 because Bill Clinton was a very successful president who left the country with a budget surplus. However, people were hesitant to vote for Gore over Bush because they felt Bush had more personality and charisma so he was elected to two terms as president solely based on his connections and personality.

Democrats seemed to rally around Barack Obama because he was different than most candidates and he was against the war from the start. Most Democrats loved Hillary Clinton and her political background which far exceeded Obama’s. However, Clinton’s vote in favor of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were her undoing. The
Democrats rallied around Obama and helped him with the presidency by quite a significant margin of votes.

Politics is about winning and losing and there are basically secret clubs that help to find the perfect presidential candidate. The parties put millions of dollars of support behind these candidates in the hopes that they will win the White House for their party. This has been going on for many years and unless American voters get more involved in the political process, it will continue for decades or centuries to come.

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