June 22, 2012

Are We Being Socially Enginneered Out Of A Constitution?

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Some people might think that the government is beneficial for everyone in the country. However, if you get the opinion of a female, you might get a different answer. The constitution of our country has stated that everyone should be treated equally. Are women being treated equally? Is social media telling everyone to let women sit on the sidelines while everyone else is doing all of the work? For many women, this is reality.
Women under today’s constitution are being told where to work, how to spend time with their family and simply how to live their life in some cases.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. However, there are women who are taking a stand for the rest of the women in the country. Some people are paying more attention to the needs that women have and what they desire in life. The constitution should be examined by everyone and not just one group of people.

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