October 9, 2011

Are Republicans Or Democrats More Civil Rights Conscious?

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Which party do you think is more conscious about civil rights, the Republicans or the Democrats? To make an informed decision as a voter, you should first know where each party stands on the issue of Civil rights.

The Democratic Party Platform states that they aim to eliminate hate and discrimination due to race, religion, sex or sexual preference. The Democrats are against the death penalty for prisoners and yet support a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion.

The Republican’s on the other hand would like to ban gays from the military and make it illegal to get an abortion except in rare cases of rape or which endanger the mother. Republican’s support making a constitutional amendment against allowing same sex marriages. They want to do away with affirmative action which requires a business to meet a quota of how many people of one sex, or color they must hire to meet the government standards. They support women serving in the armed forces except in a combat role.

Now that you have viewed each Party’s position, it is time to make your decision based on the facts which one is more conscious on the subject of civil rights.

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