September 24, 2011

Is The United States A Bully In The World Community?

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The United States has been perceived by some as a bully in the world community. The US attempts to use its position as a super power to coerce other nations into doing what they want. Many nations turn to the US for political support and other matters and may feel that they have to go along with what the US wants. The US makes a point of letting nations know that they will only give funding or support when they feel there is a mutual benefit for the US.The whole story can be found at No other country but the US has the ability to inject themselves into conflicts between two countries and make demands that they show up at the White House for a summit. This could be viewed as bullying tactic as often countries seem to feel they don’t have a choice but to comply or face unwanted consequences like reduction in aid or less than favored nation status. A bully is can be described as someone who uses their strength or their influence as intimidation to force another to do what they want. While that may not be the intention of the US, many countries see them that way from a political standpoint.

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