September 10, 2011

Politics And Sex Used To Make A Poor Combination

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Remember when politics was about the facts and the decisions that were made. Remember when the sensational twist was frowned on and politicians went to great lengths to keep the focus on the issues. Once upon a time and a long time ago when politics and sex made a bad combination. Remember when a dirt digging journalist was scorned for concentrating on non political events. Today it seems votes are won with drama and deception. The more sensational the scandal the more secure that politician’s position seems to be.Want more? Click here/tag The political scandal filled with sex and non issue topics seems to remain on the minds of the voters the longest and have the most impact on public opinion. It use to be that a scandal that focus on sex, affairs or violence was responsible for the demise of the politician and left a negative impact for the political party they represent. Today the issues seem to take a back seat to the drama in a politician’s life. It’s no longer about what that politician ideals are or the good that they can do within the community now the focus is on what hot topics the politician generated in today’s headlines.

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