April 14, 2011

Do Senators Have More Influence On Capitol Hill Than House of Representative Members?

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The answer to this question is yes, and there are many reasons as to why. First of all, senators serve longer terms than representatives, six years as opposed to two, giving them triple the amount of time to have more influence. There are also fewer senators than representatives, 100 as opposed to 435, making each senator’s vote more valuable.

Senators also have more responsibilities than representatives, as they have the power to ratify treaties, confirm nominations of federal officials like judges, and are also the designated political body to hold impeachment hearings.

In most cases, with the exceptions being some of the less populated states, senators are voted upon by more people since there are only two per state. This means that they represent more people than representatives, who often only answer to particular districts within states. Senators sit on more committees, have bigger staffs, and have been elected to president more often than representatives.

All of these facts, along with public perception of greater power, add up to a significantly greater amount of influence for senators on Capitol Hill. They receive more media coverage and are wooed more by lobbyists, who are well aware of the significant influence that senators possess.

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