March 30, 2011

Should The Federal Government Be Involved In Donating To Political Parties?

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Should the federal government be involved in donating to political parties? Ask this question to various people and you’ll get various answers. Some answers you get may be more philosophical while other people may not show much of an interest at all.
So why should you care if the federal government donates money to their favorite political parties? Think about this for a while.
Have you got an idea of what to do? This is a tough question that needs to be figured out. On one hand there needs to be freedom for the individual. So the President and all of the women and men serving in his cabinet should be able to donate money to whoever they want. They are individuals and citizens of America and are afforded that right. However, they do have a much higher threshold of power that may be seen as the federal government showing favoritism to one party over the other. The federal government is supposed to be for the people and by the people, not for a specific party by a specific party. Do you see the conundrum?
So what do you think? Invite your friends over for fondue, tonight and discuss it.

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